First and foremost, fire all submissions to where they’ll be reviewed and you’ll be told if it’s due to make the cut.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Raw emotions, struggle, bleakness, nihilism. Humour is fine (and encouraged if it fits) but the ultimate aim is to cultivate a lot of hard hitting, emotionally resonant fiction. If you want to write about mental health, drug abuse, trauma, vices, suffering, hunger, war and the human condition, go right ahead. Whatever dark form it takes.
STYLE: Poetry, Prose and any combination of the two.
GENRE: Any. You can send in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance. Adult Material is allowed. However, anything that’s clearly designed as erotica won’t make the cut.
LIMITS: As a precautionary, 3,000 words at most.

Obvious ones, really.
1. Proof your stuff. The odd comma/full stop confusion is fine. Anything laced with typos and general carelessness will be rejected.
2. Submit in a double spaced format.
3. Don’t send anything in that you’ve already published elsewhere on an exclusive rights basis. Nobody wants the hassle of lawyers.